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30th Anniversary - Lessons Learned Along The Way

06 October 2020 | By Automotive Art

The Automotive Art brand has been etched into the landscape of Barbados over the last thirty years of its existence through our commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences and building on innovation. As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary we took time to reflect on the past thirty years, and discussed what lessons have been learned along the way.

Pimentel Innovations Uses Automotive Art Paints to Create 4-Wheel Masterpieces

11 June 2020 | By Autobody News

Automotive Art Paints enables Pimentel Innovations, a Car Restoration Company, to Make Magic!

SEMA 2019!

10 January 2020 | By Automotive Art

The Automotive Art team went over to SEMA in Las Vegas. Here's some of the action!


WorldSkills International Competition in Russia

13 June 2019

Match Every Paint, Color and Tone

15 May 2019 | By

Have you ever heard of vantablack?

Vantablack is the darkest substance ever made, but it’s not a color—it’s a material. It was created to help extinguish stray light reflected off telescopes and satellites to increase their clarity. It’s not even a paint; it’s a series of vertically aligned nanotube arrays (hence, VANTA). It absorbs over 99 percent of visible light, and, in real-world applications, resembles one of those escape holes that Wile E. Coyote might lay before the Roadrunner in old Warner Bros. cartoons.

In other words, it looks unreal. Objects coated in vantablack resemble a poor Photoshop edit of the known world. Look it up—how much more black could it be? None.

But vantablack is real. And if anything could read it, it’s the ADAM5 spectrophotometer.

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