Why Work At Automotive Art

There are so many reasons. Let's start with the people. Our employees are smart. Excited. Energetic. Hard-working. And lots of fun. 

Let's next consider our line of work. Cars, Wheels, Accessories, Paints. Enough said. 

Now consider our company. Automotive Art is a winner. An innovator. A visionary. A leader. Who doesn't want to be on a team like that?


The Culture

The culture of Automotive Art can essentially be summarized in one word; excellence. Excellence in how customers are served, excellence in the quality of products sold, excellence in the vision that has been established for the company, and excellence in the teamwork exhibited between employees. 

It is about going the extra mile for both internal and external customers, and doing the job right the first time, on time. Establishing and achieving personal goals and aspirations in the context of the broad goals set for the organization is an important part of an employee’s individual development and growth. The company has fostered a culture of learning for its employees to enable the organization to grow in harmony with employee knowledge of the businesses in which it competes. In committing to the concept of a learning organization, the company tolerates risk and failure as a natural part of the process by which the company learns, develops, and achieves it objectives over the long term. 

Another important aspect of the culture of Automotive Art is the organization's capacity for change. The company recognizes that it is part of a dynamic economic organism that is constantly in a state of flux. In order to evolve, adapt and survive in our dynamic business environment, the company has embraced a culture of change as one of its core values. The company recognizes this as an innate feature of the organization, and one that has allowed the company to achieve its goals. 

Another dimension by which the company’s culture can be defined is commitment. Everyone involved in the organization can have honourable intentions, lofty aspirations, and be an agent for change; however, without serious commitment to these values, the result is a cultural philosophy that lacks substance in the real world. Commitment in the context of Automotive Art means “never say die,” tempered with the wisdom of knowing when your efforts must be channelled differently to achieve the goals that have been established. 

Last, but by no means least, the benchmark by which the company measures its cultural philosophy is results. These results may be based on broad company goals, specific to various projects, and are outlined by your manager, and measured in terms of sales, costs, profitability or a variety of other possible measures. We define results across the company to enable our team to recognize that delivering on our goals is necessary to the company’s existence, and without this commitment, our company’s culture remains merely a philosophical, rather than a tangible, facet of our culture. The results of each employee, each team, each department and division are an important part of the cultural landscape for the company.

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