Bye Cash, Hello AA Pay.


AAPAY is a hire purchase solution that Automotive Art BARBADOS, in partnership with Payce Digital, is bringing to all customers - providing another way to pay. With a 24-hour approval process, AAPAY eases your cash flow and increases the convenience of shopping with us.




Michelle spots a set of rims and tyres that she wants to buy. Like many others, cash flow is important so she asks about our hire purchase solution: AAPAY.





Michelle fills out the application form along with providing personal documentation to Automotive

Art.This information is then submitted to Payce Digital for review and processing, with a decision made within 24 hours.






Michelle is notified of her approval and downloads the Payce Digital Mobile App to her device. Within the app, she can see the balance deposited to her account to be used at Automotive Art.








Michelle will complete her purchase using the Payce Digital App at our checkout terminal. The app will reflect the updated balance after the transaction is made to Automotive Art. Now all Michelle has to do is wait comfortably, while her new rims and tyres are installed.






Click here to download the application form.


*AA PAY is currently only available in Barbados

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