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Tips to keep your ride looking beautiful inside and out.

How To Wash Your Car

First, select a high quality car wash or soft wash gel and add a couple capfuls to a bucket of water to clean the entire car; always check the directions on the bottle to ensure the proper mixing ratio.  Diswashing liquid should NEVER be used as an alternate as this strips all the wax off of the car.  Always make sure you purchase a quality sponge or wash mitt to wash the car; do not use old rags or t-shirts, because the synthetic fibres can cause small scratches and swirling in your car’s finish.  Always start from the roof and work downwards, so the dirty water won’t run onto the areas you have just cleaned.  Always work one panel at a time and rinse off to avoid soap drying onto the car.  Repeat this process until the entire car is clean.

To avoid water spotting on the finish, especially in our hot Caribbean conditions, use a damp chamois or soft terry cloth towel and remove excess water from the entire car.  Start at the roof and work down to the lower panels.

Cleaning Bugs and Tar

The lower panels of the car, the front and the windshield are exposed to a build-up of tar and bugs.  Most car washes will not effectively remove this contamination, and a proper tar and bug remover will need to be applied with a sponge.  Once the contamination is removed, wash with the car wash soap and water to remove any excess oily residue.

Cleaning Wheels & Tyres

Never try and clean your wheels right after driving; the wheels need to be cool to the touch before commencing cleaning, or cool them down by rinsing with water.  Using a high quality cleaner apply to the wheel with the aid of a wheel detailing brush; work the cleaner and brush into all the cracks and crevices of the wheel.  Wheel cleaners are very aggressive so make sure you only work on one wheel at a time to avoid the cleaner drying on the wheel.  Once cleaning is complete, rise the wheel off and repeat the process on the next wheel.

Waxing the Car

Never commence waxing the car in direct sunlight; the car needs to be both clean and cool prior to applying the wax.  Get a proper foam applicator and apply the panel, carefully avoiding the seams and jambs of the vehicle, and only working one panel at a time. When the wax dries to a dull haze, use a 100% cotton terry cloth to remove the film of wax.  Then use a high quality polishing cloth (no synthetic fibres) to buff the area to a high shine.  After you have completed one panel, turn both towels to an unused section and start on the next panel.  Repeat until you've completed the entire vehicle.

Caring For Your Car’s Interior

While many people focus on keeping the exterior of their car clean and shiny, the inside of their car is another matter. Keeping the inside of your car cleaned and well groomed is equally important; here are some tips to keep it looking like new.

The best place to start is with cleaning your upholstery. If your vehicle has cloth or velour upholstery, then ensure you use a good quality foam cleaner. These foam cleaners can also be used on your floor mats and carpet.

If however, the interior of your car is leather, then you will require specialty cleaners developed with this surface in mind. Leather cleaner will not on clean, but moisturize the leather to slow down the aging process. Stay away from solvent based cleaners, because these are too aggressive on leather surfaces, and can lead to rapid aging and even cracking of the leather if used over protracted periods of time.

A major contributor to interior maintenance of your car is floor mats. They protect your vehicle's carpet from spills, stains, dirt and wear. And, if your floor mats are showing signs of age, check out the great selection at your local Automotive Art.

Your car’s dashboard and plastic/vinyl trim needs to be cleaned and protected against the sun’s harmful rays, especially here in the Caribbean. For this you will need a good quality protectant, which will not only provide protection against dirt, grime and the sun’s UV rays, but will also offer an attractive shine.

Tidy up your interior cleaning with some glass cleaner on the windows to get rid of any road residue that has built up on your windows. Perhaps add an air freshener to eliminate any odours from your car’s interior. Automotive Art has a fantastic range of car care products that will help you keep your car clean, shiny and looking great; just ask any of our qualified sales representatives to recommend what you need.


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